FAQ: In-App Purchases


Q: How can I  purchase gems?
A: To purchase gems, check out the more detailed instructions in the Beginner’s Guide.

Q: How can I purchase using Globe (Philippine mobiles service network company)?
A: It’s advisable to use an Android device when purchasing gems using your Globe account. Just tap the + sign beside the number of gems you already have and it will give you options on how much gems you want to purchase. Fill up the form (Name, Address, Contact Number, Zip Code) to complete the transaction.

Q: Why is my purchase not added to my current gems?
A: Just restart the game. It may take 3 hours – 3 days to validate your purchases.

Q: What is the double refund at first top up and Rose Suit deal?
A: It means that when you purchase gems for the first time, the amount you purchase will be doubled and a free Rose Princess outfit will also be given to you. Any amount of purchase for the first time will give you the free Rose Princess outfit.

Q: I did a first top-up but I didn’t receive my Rose Suit!
Please logout, then login again by pressing Start and entering the correct details. Your Rose Princess suit should be credited then. If it is not, please contact the Customer Service. Please note that this method is for BOUND accounts only. If your account is still unbinded, please bind it first.

Q: It’s been days and my purchases are still not added to my account.
A: It is better to contact the Customer Service in this case. Make sure you secure a copy of your receipt when you purchased the gems. This will be asked as a proof of purchase.

Q: If I purchase 2 VIP deals, will I receive 60 gems for 30 days?
No, if you purchase 2 VIP deals, you will receive 30 gems for 60 days.

Q: Where can I see the receipt?
A: In your e-mail where you address the purchases.



Disclaimer: This FAQ has been adapted from the Unofficial Hello Nikki Fans group in Facebook.


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