Event 14: Sky Challenge (Sky Tower)


14. Sky Challenge

  • Event: Sky Challenge (Sky Tower)
  • Event No: 14
  • Date: 19 October 2015 – Indefinite
  • Duration: Indefinite days (Ongoing)
  • How it works:
    1. Enter the Sky Challenge (below Daily Events)
    2. Choose Sky Tower.
    3. Dress Nikki according to the theme given.
    4. Move on to the next floor if your dress up gets the grade required (specified on top left) or higher.
    5. Receive a specified reward for each floor cleared (20 floors total).
    6. You cannot wear the same item you have worn in a previous floor.
    7. If you get a lower grade than required, you will fail. You can only try again the next day, and the game will be reset to the 1st floor. The items you have worn will also be reset.
  • Event Suit: No specified suit.
  • Suit Completion Reward:
  • Personal Note: This is challenging for new players who have little items. For old timers like me, it was challenging at first, but once you know what to wear, it’s pretty easy.

    Tips on Sky Tower:
    1. For the challenges that only require A to pass, use as little accessories as possible if you don’t have many.
    2. In contrast, for challenges that require S to pass, use as many accessories as you can (while keeping in mind how many floors you still need to clear), but make sure the accessories doesn’t clash with the theme.
    3. Write down the clothes you need to use based on the guide, making sure nothing is repeated for every theme.

For you, I have made the easiest guide possible:

  • As little items as possible
  • All S grades
  • No repeating items
  • No items from Mystery House or Events
  • Very little items from Blueprints and Achievements

These are sorted according to theme alphabetically.

*Some of these guides would be difficult to follow for new players who don’t have much items, like I said before. This is a long term event so it’s best to play the maps first and collect clothes before attempting the Sky Tower.*

  1. a Classical and idyllic beautya Classical and idyllic beauty
  2. a dress may keep you warm in wintera dress may keep you warm in winter
  3. a dress may remind you of childhooda dress may remind you of childhood
  4. a magical girl from foreign landa magical girl from foreign land
  5. a Sedate gentlemana Sedate gentleman
  6. African style dressAfrican style dress
  7. an earnest study masteran earnest study master
  8. an eccentric and ostentatious dressan eccentric and ostentatious dress
  9. Beautiful DancerBeautiful Dancer
  10. brightly colored dressbrightly colored dress
  11. Casual clothingCasual clothing
  12. Casual men’s wearCasual men's wear
  13. Cool summer sunscreen dressCool summer sunscreen dress
  14. Cute sweet styleCute sweet style
  15. Cute werecatsCute werecats
  16. dreamlike fairy tale styledreamlike fairy tale style
  17. dress like a detectivedress like a detective
  18. dresss like an ancient swordmandresss like an ancient swordman
  19. dress like an European girldress like an European girl
  20. dress like she is in love with someonedress like she is in love with someone
  21. dress like Spring has comedress like Spring has come
  22. dressed like she has a fancy for studydressed like she has a fancy for study
  23. Fashion styleFashion style
  24. fresh and idyllic stylefresh and idyllic style
  25. Girl idolGirl idol
  26. Gorgeous European palace styleGorgeous European Palace Style
  27. lovely maid costumelovely maid costume
  28. luxury of low keyluxury of low key
  29. mature and professional womenmature and professional women
  30. Noble and holy goddessNoble and holy goddess
  31. Passionate and peppy girlsPassionate and peppy girls
  32. Rebellious punk girlRebellious punk girl
  33. sexy but not overexposed dresssexy but not overexposed dress
  34. Sexy party queenSexy party queen
  35. The dress of Chinese stylethe dress of Chinese style
  36. the dress which makes your tummy look flatter and slimmerthe dress which makes your tummy look flatter and slimmer
  37. the girl who leapt through timethe girl who leapt through time
  38. the gorgeous but decadent Gothic girlthe gorgeous but decadent Gothic girl



49 thoughts on “Event 14: Sky Challenge (Sky Tower)

    • aishahchan says:

      You can use Aegean Sea dress (from the Fantasy Loft)
      This combination:
      Hairstyle: Norse Goddess
      Coat: Small Grain Rain
      Top: Europe Tops-White
      Bottom: Snow Blows
      Socks: Deep Love (from Resort event)
      Shoes: Forever Love (from Resort event)
      Headwear: Oliver Branch
      Neckwear: Collar of Freyja
      Bracelet: Under the Umbrella

      As you can see, the items from these are either from the Fantasy Loft or from the past event, which is why I did not include them in the walkthrough. The easiest way for this theme is to use the Dream of Freyja dress. You can get this easily by entering the Stardust Audition very early for 3 weeks in a row.

      Also, please note that some items in this combination repeat some items in this walkthrough.

      Liked by 1 person

    • aishahchan says:

      You can also wear the Super Battery shoes.

      I’d advise you to finish all the maps before you attempt the Sky Tower.


      • Valencienes Michelle Haryono says:

        Ermm.. may I ask again bout the luxury of low key, any other alternatives than the hair and the headwear? Cause I’ve already use the headwear for noble one


        • aishahchan says:

          Like I said in the guide, it is advisable for you to write down what you plan to wear for each stage to make sure you don’t repeat any items.

          You can try Modern Girl and Petal Beret, but only for A grade.


  1. Valencienes Michelle Haryono says:

    Can you give me another alternative to clear passionate and peppy girls without koala sport shoes? Thanks


  2. egyhlnina says:

    Hi Ai Chwaaan! I’ll ask you a favor, can you give me another sample of Gorg European palace style. Those dress were not in my wardrobe. I’m looking forward to your reply. Thanks!


    • egyhlnina says:

      Just never mind this favor. Anyway, wanna say thank you Ai Chwaaaaan for this, it really help me achieve all the task. Big help, keep it up and make an update for this blog like everyday, your hardwork is of worth! Thank you, God Bless!


  3. Hikarin says:

    May I know where you can find dress “fantasy night?” it seems not in dress category.. cause I already search it on clothing shop and not found…

    for category essentric.. pleasee helpppp


  4. sighilovekdramas says:

    Thank you for this guide! I have passed all the challenges for sky tower! I wish they would make more! I have passed all the worlds and now sky tower! It is like I have all these clothes but nowhere to go!!


    • aishahchan says:

      You’re welcome, and congratulations on passing! I wish they would update the game too, but for now you can use your clothes to good use for the Stardust Auditions, or post your clothes in the fan group 🙂


    • aishahchan says:

      Hi, may I know why you’re missing them? All the items needed for the “Cool summer sunscreen dress” are available in the Clothing Shop.


      • Ziana says:

        I have the socks and the hair and I can get the coat, it will be unlocked at task 99 ,it is not far away where I am now.
        But the dress will be unlocked at task 155 that’s just too far, and the shoes, I can’t find them in the shop.
        So I want a replacement for the dress and the shoes.


        • aishahchan says:

          As I’ve said in the guide, this is a long term event so it’s best to play the maps first and collect clothes before attempting the Sky Tower. This is because if you don’t finish the maps first it will be difficult for you to unlock the clothes you need for Sky Tower. This walkthrough uses mostly the easiest items that you can get. There is no reason to rush to finish the Sky Tower.

          Even if I were to try and find a replacement for you, it will take some time as it depends on whether I am free (I have a real life too) and if I get the theme, which is given randomly.

          Also you can find the shoes in the SP tab. It costs coins, not gems, so you should be able to buy it without much problem. You can also use the dress; Summer Rain to give an S. It’s harder to get than the Lime Juice dress though, so I did not put it in the guide as most players can get the Lime Juice dress more easily.


          • Ziana says:

            Thanks for the reply. I know it may be hard to finish the sky tower now but I still want to try 🙂
            I managed to get some S grades. Some outfits were based on yours but with some replacements if I don’t have all the clothes.

            I am now at floor 6 and that’s thanks to your help 😀 and I haven’t lost now, but I need to finish task 174 to buy the white coat for the ancient swordsman theme.
            Let’s see how far I can get this time 😉


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