Blueprints: Accessories


In this post you will find blueprints for Accessories available in the game. They are uploaded in the order of hearts. Most blueprints drop at random, so I cannot include the source.

Of course, since I am using photos from my own account as well as a friend’s, there are quite a few items that are missing. They will be updated as I acquire them. Some of the Accessories blueprints I know are available but are not in my possession are:

  • Kitty Belt (5 Hearts)
  • Apsaras-Ornaments (6 Hearts)
  • Rare Cat Ears Cap (6 Hearts)

These are the ones that I do have:

  1. Leather Rope (Neckwears)
    ** For Achievement Suit: Cat Incredibles1
  2. Hair Hoop-Black&White (Headwears)2
  3. Individual Bracelet (Bracelets)3
  4. Bow Stars (Headwears)4
  5. Elegant Scarf (Headwears)5
  6. Sweet Maid Neck (Neckwears)
    ** For Achievement Suit: Maid Love love
  7. The Dark Gloves (Bracelets)7
  8. Printed Scarf (Neckwears)8
  9. Black Military Cap (Headwears)
    ** For Achievement Suit: Brave Heart9
  10. The Aviator (Headwears)10
  11. Striped Cloth-Red (Headwears)11
  12. Pattaya (Headwears)12
  13. Stripe Hairhoop-Blue (Headwears)13
  14. Girl in the Fog (Leglet)14
  15. Tailor-Made Baseball Cap (Headwears)15
  16. Spring Blossoms (Headwears)16
  17. Sampot-Jewel Waist (Belts)17
  18. Indian Jewelry Set (Specialties)
    ** For Achievement Suit: Indian Dancing18
  19. China Flower Apron (Specialties)19
  20. Butterfly-Valley (Specialties)
    **For Achievement Suit: Purple Moon20
  21. Hat of Mongolia (Headwears)21
  22. Sampot-Mousse Gauze (Specialties)22
  23. Fighter Soul-Ribbon (Bracelets)23
  24. Sailor Hat-Blue (Headwears)24
  25. Pastoral Song (Belts)
    ** For Achievement Suit: Pastoral Song of25
  26. Hat of White Rabbit (Headwears)26
  27. British Gloves (Bracelets)27
  28. Pastoral Lady (Headwears)28
  29. Taj-Green Waist (Belts)29
  30. Dumpling Wrapper (Headwears)30
  31. Sampot-Embroidery (Belts)31
  32. Brahman Set (Specialties)32
  33. Mongolia Princess’s Hat (Headwears)
    ** For Achievement Suit: Pastoral Song of33
  34. Konya Sari (Belts)34
  35. Konya Hat (Headwears)35
  36. North Saint Shawl (Headwears)36
  37. Sampot-Ornaments (Specialties)37
  38. Alba Diva (Specialties)38
  39. Violet Gloves (Bracelets)
    ** For Achievement Suit: Purple Moon39
  40. Sampot-Headdress (Headwears)Sampot-Headdress
  41. Pure Love (Neckwears)40
  42. The Miao-Water Dragon (Leglet)41
  43. The Miao-Dragons (Headwears)42
  44. Emerald (Headwears)44
  45. The Miao-Handkerchief (Neckwears)The Miao-Handkerchief

2 thoughts on “Blueprints: Accessories

    • aishahchan says:

      I am assuming you mean that you can’t find certain accessories in your wardrobe after you have crafted them unless you use the search function.

      This is a bug, that I don’t think the game developers are going to fix. Several items (all accessories as far as I know), can’t be found in the wardrobe unless you use the search function. It affects all players.

      A few of the items that I can remember off hand are: Butterfly-Valley, Alba Diva and Sampot Ornaments.


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