The Mall


Introducing the Shopowners

  1. Crafting Shop

1. Crafting Shop

Purpose: To craft blueprints obtained from drops/Mystery House/Achievements.

Currency: Materials.

Benefit of increasing level of affection: To unlock higher level blueprints.


2. Clothing Shop

2. Clothing Shop

Purpose: To buy clothing items.

Currency: Gems and coins.

Benefit of increasing level of affection: To get a discount on the items.


3. Mystery House

3. Mystery House

Purpose: To draw cards in an attempt to get items (especially rare ones).

Currency: Coins (for Mystery Loft and Dream Loft) and Gems (for Fantasy Loft).

Benefit of increasing level of affection: To get a discount on drawing the cards.

To use Crystal Fragments to redeem Crystal Balls, go to the Mystery House and tap on Crystal Loft:

Crystal Ball redeem 1

Then go to the redeem button on the top right:Crystal Ball redeem 2

Tapping the “+” button will prompt this window:Crystal Ball redeem 3

One Crystal Ball costs 55 Crystal Fragments. If you have more than 55, tap the “redeemed” button (don’t talk to me about the poor grammar lol) and your Crystal Fragments will change into Crystal Balls.

4. Grocery

4. Grocery Shop

Purpose: To buy items for the tasks (e.g.Tube Top), items to increase luck (e.g. A Four-leaf Clover and China Fortune Cat), backgrounds (when dressing Nikki) and gifts.

Currency: Coins and Gems.

Benefit of increasing level of affection: To get a discount on the items.


Gift Guide

Below is a gift guide to raise the affection of the shop owners, based on the shop owner who will give most points when an item is given.



2 thoughts on “The Mall

  1. Neldoreth says:

    hello aichan!
    i just saw this page about the gifts to shops and it seems few list from your gift guide doesnt match. you might want to check the page, because when i try giving “comic for adults” and “horned frog” to madam at clothing shop, she pretty much like it šŸ˜›

    I really like your guides, very helpful!
    good luck!


    • aishahchan says:

      The shop owners do not give a set point for a certain gift as indicated by that guide. For example, if you give the same gift in a row, you will find that the points given for that gift will lessen. This is why I don’t put points given in my gift guide.

      My gift guide is based on which shopkeeper may give the highest points for a certain gift. The Clothing Shop madam also gives high points for both “comic for adults” and “horned frog”, but the Grocery owner has a record of giving the highest points for these gifts, which is why he is highlighted.

      Hope this clears things up.


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