Navigate FB Group – Google Chrome


I have been in the Hello Nikki Official Fans Group for a while now, and it’s surprising to me how many members do not know how to find the group photos, or search for something in the group. It made me wonder, maybe they are new to Facebook, or are new to Facebook groups.

So in this post I will cover how to do these two things using Google Chrome in hopes it will be easier for members to find the info they need from the group, as the group is a mine of information, it’s just that it’s so messy and cluttered it takes some know-how to find useful info.

A. Google Chrome

  1. Finding the group

Open Facebook and search for “Hello Nikki Official Fans Group” in Facebook search bar as shown below:

Chrome 1

2. Group Photos

Click on the “Photos” under the group cover photo to find the group photos.

Chrome 2

Click on the “Albums” to find the albums for walkthroughs, events and tips as shown below:

Chrome 3

3. Search the Group

Most, if not all, questions you can possibly think of has already been asked and answered in the group. So instead of being repetitive, it’s better to make the effort to try to find the answer on your own first. But of course, if you don’t know something and need to ask, do ask!

Unfortunately like I said before, the group is quite messy and it’s not easy to find a certain post, especially if it’s an old one. But you can find it very easily using the Group Search bar.

The Group Search bar is below the cover photo on the right as shown below. Simply type the words you would like to search for. In this case I wanted to search info on the Sky Tower challenge.

Chrome 4

As you can see the posts with the words “Sky Tower” will appear in the search results.

I hope this post was helpful



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