Achievement Suits: Suits


In this post you will find achievement suits for Suits category available in the game. They are uploaded in the same order you will find in the game.

Of course, since I am using photos from my own account as well as a friend’s, there are photos of quite a few suits that are missing. They will be updated as I acquire them, and I will include as much info about the items as I can.

  1. Flying Apsaras
    • Hairstyle: Apsaras-Long Hair – from Mystery House
    • Tops: Apsaras-The Fairy – from Blueprint
    • Bottoms: Apsaras-Dreams – from Blueprint
    • Shoes: Apsaras-Dance Shoes – from Clothing Shop
    • Headwears: Apsaras-Phoenix – from Mystery House
    • Bracelets: Apsaras-Bracelet – from Clothing Shop
    • Belts: Apsaras-Plumage – from Clothing Shop
    • Leglet: Apsaras-Leglet – from Clothing Shop
    • Specialties: Apsaras-Ornaments – from Blueprints

2. BalloonBalloon

3. Sakura Witch

  • Hairstyle: Witch-Priest – from Blueprint
  • Dress: Witch under the Cherry – from Clothing Shop
  • Coats: The Witch’s Shirt – from Clothing Shop
  • Socks: Witch Tabi – from Mystery House
  • Shoes: Witch’s Geta – from Clothing Shop
  • Headwears: The Witch’s Crown – from Mystery House

4. Grand FeastGrand Feast

5. AdventurerAdventurer

6. Indian DancingIndian Dancing

7. Crazy PineappleCrazy Pineapple

8. Maid Love loveMaid Love love

9. Sand PhantomSand Phantom

10. Freyja’s DreamFreyja's Dream


12. Song of March HareSong of March Hare

13. Twilight’s ChapterTwilight's Chapter

14. Dream of ButterflyDream of Butterfly

15. OnmyojiOnmyoji

16. Rocking BarbieRocking Barbie

17. Pastoral Song of

  • Hairstyle: The Exotic Girl – from Mystery House
  • Dress: Prairie Flowers – from Blueprint
  • Shoes: Queen of the Prairie –  from Blueprint
  • Headwears: Mongolia Princess’s Hat –  from Blueprint
  • Belts: Pastoral Song – from Blueprint

18. Gothic RoseGothic Rose

19. Aria Sul GAria Sul G

20. Surging Waves

Surging Waves

21. Cat IncrediblesCat Incredibles

22. Brave Heartbrave-heart

23. Purple MoonPurple Moon

24. Rabbit’s AdventureRabbit's Adventure

25. Wistaria FairyWistaria Fairy

26. Sea Fairy

** No information available

27. Wicked BeautyWicked Beauty

28. Beautiful WinterBeautiful Winter

29. Whip Witch

  • Hairstyle: Sexy Fire – from Mystery House
  • Tops: Sexy Flirty Witch – from Mystery House
  • Bottoms: Devil Tail – from Mystery House
  • Socks: Leather Fishnet – from Mystery House
  • Shoes: Rubus Rosifolius – from Mystery House
  • Headwears: Hell Girl – from Mystery House
  • Bracelets: The Siren Whip – from Mystery House
  • Make-up: Red Enchanting – from Mystery House

30. Glory of The SnowGlory of The Snow

31. Pearl of EgyptPearl of Egypt

32. Koala’s Spring

  • Hairstyle: Baby Koala – from Clothing Shop
  • Dress: Spring of Koala – from Clothing Shop
  • Coats: Sleepy Koala – from Mystery House
  • Shoes: Koala Running Shoes – from Australia I Side Task Completion
  • Headwears: No information available

33. Elf Poet

  • Hairstyle: Small Elf – from Mystery House
  • Dress: Elf Poet – from Clothing Shop
  • Shoes: Journey Song – from Mystery House
  • Headwears: Emerald Feather Hat – from Clothing Shop
  • Specialties: Elf Bagpipes – from Australia II Side Task Completion
  • Make-up: Elf Boy – from Mystery House

34. Fairy Queen

** No information available

35. Ocean SoulOcean Soul

36. Metal-GirlMetal-Girl

37. Lady QueenLady Queen

38. Sakura MillenniumSakura Millennium

39. Elk GirlElk Girl



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