Event 17: Resort Event (Mermaid’s Sacrament & Sweet Fragrance)


17. Resort event

  • Event: Resort
  • Event No: 17
  • Date: 10 November 2015 – 19 November 2015
  • Duration: 9.5 days
  • How it works:
    1. At the start of the event, two special maps will appear on the top right of the screen – Iceland and Hawaii maps.
    2. To enter the maps, which contains 6 special tasks each, you need to play the tasks and collect Dream Tickets, which fall randomly after a task is completed. Tasks in both the normal and special maps have the ability to drop Dream Tickets.
    3. Use the Dream Tickets to unlock a special map (6 Tickets for the Iceland map and 12 Tickets for the Hawaii map). Once you have unlocked the map, you can leave the map and reenter for free.Dream Ticket
    4. The tasks in the special maps are in the from of Wonderful Ambassador, where a player has to give a grade on a given dress up based on a given theme (Each task has a different theme). For every 3 correct guesses (Getting 3 S grades), a wishing star will be given. 3 Dream Tickets can also be exchanged for one Wishing Star. The compilation of dress ups for the special tasks are in the Hello Nikki Official Fans group.Wishing Star
    5. Use the wishing stars to claim items for the suits.
  • Event Suit: Mermaid’s Sacrament and Sweet Fragrance17. Suit 1
  • 17. Suit 2
  • Suit Completion Reward: 45 Gems per suit
  • Personal Note: One of the more frustrating events as it always is with the Wonderful Ambassador, as players lose 4 HP when failing to guess correctly. A useful tip would be to simply restart the game when unsure, but this can be quite tedious.
    Also keep an eye out for certain clothes which always give a certain grade. Observing the combination of clothes can be helpful too, but this may take some experience.

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