Event 24: World Tour Event (Distant Altair & Bright Vega)


24. World Tour event

  • Event: World Tour
  • Event No: 24
  • Date: 5 February 2016 – 14 February 2016
  • Duration: 9.5 days
  • How it works:
    1. During the event, completing tasks on any map may randomly drop a Magpie Feather.
      Magpie Feather
    2. Use the Magpie Feathers to redeem the Suit items.
  • Event Suit: Distant Altair and Bright Vega24. Suit 124. Suit 2
  • Suit Completion Reward: 45 Gems per suit
  • Personal Note: A pretty easy (but kind of boring) event, since you just had to do the tasks in the normal map. Drop rate of Magpie Feathers was pretty good too. You can also buy Magpie feathers (198 gems for 49 feathers on the first purchase of the day, then 396 gems for 49 feathers. The prices reset in this pattern the next day). Honestly, I’m pretty sure the HP you can buy using that many gems can get you more feathers than that, so buying the feathers isn’t worth it.

7 thoughts on “Event 24: World Tour Event (Distant Altair & Bright Vega)

  1. airi says:

    hi! can you please help me with the world tour? i don’t know how to redeem the suits 😦 my “claim box” is too small to see the lower part (or is it really like that?) anyways, i really really reaaally want to get bright vega so pleaaase


    • aishahchan says:

      Okay, firstly to claim the suits,
      1. Tap on the “World Tour” on the upper right of your screen. You will see the 2 suits.
      2. Tap “Exchange now” under the suit you want. You will see the items (hair, dress, shoes, etc.)
      3. Tap on the item that you want. For example, if you want the shoes, tap on them.
      4. A pop up will come up asking “Confirm?”. If you’re sure about redeeming it, tap “OK”.

      Another thing, in case you don’t know, you can claim some Magpie Feathers free once a day. To do so:
      1. Tap on the “World Tour” on the upper right of your screen. You will see “Get Magpie feather in daily login.Get more Claim” above the 2 suits.
      2. Tap on “Claim”. (Yes it’s quite small)
      3. Tap on the envelope of the day to get the free Magpie Feathers.

      I hope you get to redeem your suit. Good luck!


      • airi says:

        hello there, it’s me again. Thank you so much for the info!! I really appriciate it (and yes i do know about the daily log in claim but thanks anyway 💗) but there’s no “exchange now” button in mine 😩 it only says:
        World Tour
        Collect item to redeem new suits 2016-02-05~2016/-02-14
        To finish arbitrary task to
        Get magpie feather in (claim)
        It’s too bad i can’t post a picture here to show you exactly what is on my event board 😦 sorry if i ask too much


        • aishahchan says:

          It’s okay, you can send me the photo through an email at aishahchan@gmail.com. You can also post your problem in the Hello Nikki Official Fans group on Facebook to get help from other players or contact Hello Nikki customer service.

          **Update and clarification of the situation for future reference**
          The player experienced a minimized window where the event window was cut so that only a small section appears, and the “Exchange Now” button doesn’t appear. Solved by reinstalling the game.


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