Event 6: Break the Egg and Nikki Group Sale (The Little Prince)


6. Break the Egg and Nikki Group Sale

  • Event: Break the Egg and Nikki Group Sale
  • Event No: 6
  • Date: 7 August 2015 – 16 August 2015
  • Duration: 9.5 days
  • How it works (Break the Egg):
    1. During the event, players will get one egg a day.
    2. Tap on the egg several times to break it and get a random prize (Suit Socks, Suit Shoes, Coins, Gems or HP).

6. Break the Egg 2

  • How it works (Nikki Group Sale):
    1. At the start of the event, a Nikki Group sale icon will appear on the top right of the screen.
    2. Simply use coins/gems to buy the items on sale at 40% off.
    3. The Top, Coat, and Headwear for the suit were sold through the 1st sale (7 August 2015 – 9 August 2015).
    4. The Hairstyle and Bottoms for the suit were sold through the 2nd sale (14 August 2015 – 16 August 2015).
  • Event Suit: The Little Prince

6. Suit

  • Suit Completion Reward: 30 Gems
  • Personal Note: The reward for this suit cannot be claimed, due to a bug. You will have to contact the Customer Service, and they will mail the reward to you. However even after receiving your reward, the suit reward will remain “unclaimed” in the game, which is pretty annoying to me, plus I don’t get the gem reward for the Daily Task; “Passed and get rewards once at any achievement”. That’s 6 gems wasted!Best to buy the items when they are on Nikki Group sale if you plan to own the item as the items will never be cheaper (or as cheap even) in the future. Also for this Nikki Group sale the items sold are limited and are not available in the Clothing Shop.

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