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In this post, the basic navigation of the game is covered. Many newbie questions are answered here, so please read this post if you are new to the game.

Happy Playing!

Main Screen

2.1 Main screen

This is the first screen you will encounter in the game. To start playing, tap “START”, and to log in/log out, tap “SETTING”, which will take you to this screen:


Simply press “LOG OUT” to log out of your account.


Game Screen

Below is the breakdown of the Game Screen. Each number is explained below.

0. Interaction screen

  1. Achievements
  2. Momo’s Gifts
  3. Facebook Fans Page
  4. The Mall
  5. Match&Vote
  6. Free Time
  7. Maps
  8. Daily Events
  9. HP, Coins and Gems tab
  10. Current Task
  11. Task Ranks

1. Achievements

1. Achievements

Here you can see your Nickname and ID, which are used when you enter Facebook events and make a report to the Customer Service.

You can also see the Tasks and Suits to achieve, and the reward for each achievements.

2. Momo’s Gifts

2.3. HP&FB

Tap the Facebook button to log in to Facebook, and invite Facebook friends to play.

Tap on the “MORE HP” button to send and receive HP from Facebook friends.

3. Facebook Fan Page

Open the Facebook Fan Page by tapping this button.

4. The Mall

Tap this button to go to one of the shops. More info on the shops and gifts for the shop owners, please go here.

5. Match&Vote

5. Match&vote

Every player can enter the Match&Vote by tapping “I’LL TAKE PART IN”. The theme and rankings are reset every week on Friday at 12 midnight (end of Friday and start of Saturday). There are rewards for getting a certain rank (which can be checked in the Achievements), and some players sometimes dress unflatteringly or out of the theme to get a lower rank.

The match ranking is based on the players’ votes, and a player can vote for entries by tapping “I’M THE JUDGE”. The basic idea is that “S” is the best grade, while “F” is the worst grade, but some players vote differently to try to influence their own rank.

A player can check his/her rank for that week’s Match&Vote by tapping “TODAY RANKING”. The rank 1 – 999 are the higher ranks, then it goes down to 1% all the way to 100%. Therefore rank No. 1 is the highest possible rank, and rank 100% is the lowest.

When you get a rank in a percentage, your actual rank depends on how many players entered the competition that week. For instance, if your rank shows 40% and there are 1,000 competitors that week, your actual rank would be 400, but if there are 5,000 competitors, a 40% rank means you’re at number 2,000.

A player can also check his/her rank for last week’s Match&Vote by tapping “THE BEST OF LAST WEEK”. The name of the items that the top ranking players wore can also be checked by tapping their name.

6. Free Time

In free time, a player can play free dress mode.

6.1 Free time

  1. Searching button: If an item name (or part of it) is known, you can look for it using this button. Some items in the Specialties tab that doesn’t show up can also be searched here.
  2. Backgrounds: Change the background. Extra backgrounds can be bought in the Grocery.
  3. Share: Share your dress up on WeChat or Facebook here. However most players have trouble sharing on Facebook, which is probably a bug.
  4. Wardrobe: You can sort the order of your items from here, as shown below.

6.2 Wardrobe sorting

You can sort your items by the order you obtained them (FRONT or BACK) button, or by the level (number of item’s hearts) by tapping the “SORT OUT BY LV” button.

7. Maps

Quickly travel to different maps by tapping this button and choosing the map you would like to go to. Currently Australia II is the last map in this game.

8. Daily Events

8. Daily tasks

By tapping the “DAILY TASKS” tab, you can see the tasks to be done for the day, and how many gems you receive as the reward. The tasks are mostly the same every day.

  • Use the “Seeking Help” once: Play a task and get any rank lower than “S”, a “Get Help” button will appear on the top right, tap this button to share the photo.
  • Use the “Share”, 3 times: Play a task and get any rank other than “F”, a “Share” button will appear on the top right, tap this button to share the photo.
  • Buy any 3 items in Mall: Items from the Clothing Shop and Grocery counts towards this task.
  • Passed and get rewards once at any achievement: Complete an achievement in the Achievement page and redeem the reward.
  • Pass 10 different tasks and get S: Self explanatory.
  • Pass 5 different tasks and get B (or A, or C): Self explanatory.
  • Lucky Draw 3 times in Mystery Loft (or Draw Once in Dream Loft or Draw in Fantasy Loft two times): Tasks can be done in the Mystery House.
  • Grade 10 times in Match&Vote: Give grades for 10 entries in Match&Vote.
  • Send gifts 5 times to the Mystery House (or Crafting, Clothing or Grocery Shops): Make sure to send a gift one by one. Choosing more than 1 amount of an item at a time (or maximum) counts as giving only 1 gift. Please refer to the Gift Guide.
  • Make a Design Once 4~6 Heart (or 1~3 Heart): Can be completed in the Crafting Shop. Pay attention to the amount of hearts needed.

9. HP, Coins and Gems Tab

See the amount of HP, Coins and Gems here. You can also purchase more by tapping the “+” buttons.

10. Current Task

Information on the task you are currently at.

11. Task Ranks

Shows the ranks for that particular task. Of no beneficial consequence, except perhaps bragging rights. Higher score also increases the chances of getting more coins from Momo when you play that particular task.

Chibi Nikki

3.1 Items and Illustrations 1

By tapping Chibi Nikki on the Game Screen, “ITEMS” and “ILLUSTRATIONS” will appear.

1. Items

You can tap on the different tabs to see what you have. The purpose of each tab is described at the bottom of each photo.

Everything except blueprints can be sold for coins by dragging the item to the “BUY-OUT” cat.

3.2 Materials

3.3 Gift

3.4 Treasure

Swipe to see the next/previous blueprint page.

3.5 Blueprints

2. Illustrations

You can see what you own (and the silhouettes of what you’re missing) by checking out each button. You can see the list of items for every category in Nikki’s Wardrobe.

You can also sell your clothes for coins here. Note that clothes obtained with gems or events will also give coins if sold.

To sell all duplicates clothes at once, follow the blue boxes and arrow below.

3.6 Illustrations

To sell items separately, follow the blue boxes and arrow below.

3.7 Selling items individually


4 thoughts on “Navigate the Game

  1. Cristelle says:

    Hi Aishah! Thanks for sharing your blog with us. I would just like to point out that the lowest possible rank is 100%. I got it once (it was embarrassing) when I tried getting rank 99%. 😄


  2. Denise Lee says:

    Hello Aishah, first of all, i wanna say thank you for created this blog so that i can reach most of S-rank hehe ^^
    But i wanna ask you: how to do the side tasks?
    *sorry i’m just a beginner ^^;


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