Event 14: Sky Challenge (Fantasy Tower)


14. Sky Challenge

  • Event: Sky Challenge (Fantasy Tower)
  • Event No: 14
  • Date: 19 October 2015 – Indefinite
  • Duration: Indefinite days (Ongoing)
  • How it works:
    1. Enter the Sky Challenge (below Daily Events)
    2. Choose Fantasy Tower.
    3. The tasks are in the form of Wonderful Ambassador, where a player has to give a grade on a given dress up based on a given theme (Each floor has a different, random theme).
    4. Move on to the next floor if you guess correctly (S grade given).
    5. Receive a specified reward for each floor cleared (10 floors total).
    6. If you guess wrong (F grade given), you will fail. You can only try again the next day, and the game will be reset to the 1st floor.
  • Event Suit: No specified suit.
  • Suit Completion Reward:
  • Personal Note: Oo Wonderful Ambassador. Must you keep torturing the poor innocent players? Given the finicky tastes of the Wonderful Ambassador and that you can only fail once per day, Fantasy Tower is difficult to complete.
    However, it is not impossible. Below are the tips I used to clear the Fantasy Tower (yes, I did it, woo-hoo!):

1. When you see something you’re not sure of, restart the game. The theme won’t change but the clothes will. Put more effort and keep restarting until you find something you’re confident about voting. I probably restarted the game more than 50 times to complete the Fantasy Tower.

2. I always use A grade, rarely S or F, and never B or C. This is because from my own observation since the Wedding Resort event, the A grade is the most frequent passing grade. Also for every theme, there is usually a dress/bottom that will almost always give a sure A grade, while for B and C, you’re facing an iffy dress and need to consider the hair and shoes, leaving more room for error.

3. I pay attention to the dress/bottom first. Then I look at the top that is used. Like I said in point 2, there’s usually a dress/bottom that gives you a sure A grade, so you hardly need to think of the hair and shoes. Refer to point 4.

4. Even though some dress/bottom almost always give A answer, look out for really weird hair and shoes. I think there are certain hair and shoes that can totally lower the grade. I usually restart the game when I encounter the pirate hair or geta, even if I know the dress is an A/S dress.

5. In the Elegant Lady theme (I got this theme on the last floor), try to grade a dress that is short enough so you can see the shoes. Sad to say the shoes are important for this theme, and the grade can change if the shoes aren’t suitable. Try to see a common dress/bottom that always give a determined grade.

I have made some guides for the Fantasy Tower. They are sorted by theme. However, since the dress up that can be given is endless, I can’t give an answer for every dress, bottom, etc. The best thing to do would be to restart your game to get a dress up similar to one in the guide. The main points to look for are included in the guide.


9 thoughts on “Event 14: Sky Challenge (Fantasy Tower)

  1. Shippo says:

    This seriously saved me!! I was SO angry because I was confused! I thought the S-F grade shown was REAL answer, not OUR grade! This explains why when I click F and they show an F it is counted wrong!! Makes much mire sense now! Thank you!!


  2. Starrie Remirez says:

    Could someone explain this to me more? I don’t understand why I put F on a dress but eventhough they also graded it F, I didn’t pass the round


    • aishahchan says:

      The Fantasy Tower is like this:

      – A theme will be given, as well as a dressed up Nikki.
      – You have to choose a grade based on how well Nikki’s dress match the theme. If you think it’s very suitable, choose S or A. If there are several items that don’t fit, choose B or C. If it’s all wrong, choose F.
      – The Wonderful Ambassador will tell you if your answer is right or wrong. If your answer is right, he will give you an S grade. If your answer is wrong, he will give you an F grade. He will not give you A, B or C grades. It’s just TRUE (S)/FALSE (F), simply RIGHT (S) or WRONG (F). He does not give you the answer for the dress up.

      Hope this clears things up.


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